Rent -A -Maid

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We provide cleaning to property managers for short-term and long-term vacation rentals.

Our maids are experienced and trained to:

  • Clean unit within 4 hour period 
  • Back to back check-in / out
  • Inspect for damage of the property
  • Check inventory / notify if anything is missing
  • Check supplies level / notify if anything is needed
  • Treat most stains on sheet or towels
  • Follow instructions carefully 
  • Great customer service skills
  • Excellent cleaning skills

The following are included with no additional charge:
  • Washing of linens
  • Damage inspection
  • Supplies checking 
  • Inside window cleaning
  • Front and back patio

Other service that is offered, but is CHARGED SEPARATELY:
  • Outside window cleaning
  • Power-washing
  • Maintenance and small repairs
  • Guests Maid service ( 2 Hour Minimum )

Payment / Rates:
We provide monthly payment plans for property managers
Send Statements monthly, or invoice after each service.
Online banking with Butterfield and Cayman National Bank 
Low rates based on the number of rooms, and size of unit.